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The Human Performance Institute is focused on Executive Performance and offers a range of solutions designed to enable your organization to maximize its Psychological Capital.

The HPI Programs on offer:

  • The Performance Web.
  • Tailored Workshops.
  • Cutting-edge Body and Brain Assessments.

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed last weeks program. I have left with so much helpful information and a much improved view on myself and what i can do (and need to) to improve my health, my lifestyle and obviously my Brain as a result. I found the things you covered during to two days to be absolutely fantastic.
Stuart Zalunardo, NAB

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Where can I don bio age done? >>

Biological Age Testing software (BioAge) provides a choice of revolutionary health and fitness tests that Health Clubs, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists and other Health & Fitness Professionals can use to monitor progress and inspire real change in clients, whilst generating additional income.

We offer two levels of testing:

  • Standard Biological Age Test: Determine your client's biological age through a series of physical, and behavioural assessments and receive a comprehensive and professional report.
  • Clinical Biological Age Test: In addition to all the tests completed in the standard version, the clinical version gives a more comprehensive assessment of Biological Age by adding metabolic assessments, such as blood cholesterol, triglycerides (optional), glucose and lung function.  The report also includes these extra tests.

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The Human Performance Institute is affiliated with some of the world's best health and fitness presenters from all around the globe.

You now have the opportunity to access online workshops and purchase e-books giving cutting-edge information that was previously only available to fitness professionals.

Achieve your health, fitness and lifestyle goals by learning directly from world leading experts on a range of subjects.